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Gold jewels

Gold jewels are 585 or 750 pure gold. At order we make white-gold jewels, too.

IF you have an allergy problem with some metals, we might find together other metal alternatives. Often change, from 14 carat gold to 18 carat gold, helps and you can wear the jewellery without having allergic reactions.

We can also change other metal hooks and bolts. So, that way You can get wider selection jewellery and you can just wear the jewels you like.

You can ask daily prices by e-mail.

Goldnuggets heart

Goldnuggets heart

Lion pendant

Lion -ring, 14k

Oak leaf pendant

Grape vine leaf pendant

Diamond earrings beach

Leaf earrings

Cordelia -earrings

Nuggets -earrings
Bird heart

Littleflover -ring

Rock -ring, granat

Cuckoo -tieneedle, 14k

Triangel-heart pendand

Foreststar-heart pendand, 14k

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