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Tiaras and wedding jewels can be designed according to customer orders and wishes.

Tiara 1

Silver with pearls
delivery 1 month
Price: 397 euro

Tiara 2

Pearls clouds
delivery 1 month
Price: 490:00 euro
Rental price: 80 euro

Tiara 3

Golden tiara
delivery 1 month
Price: 520:00 euro
Rentalprice: 80 euro

Tiara 4

Plain tiara
delivery 1 month
Price: 180 euro

Tiara 5

Slver tiara
Price: 240 euro

You can get those covered by gold, also.

We also rent tiaras to our customers.
Ask models and prices!

Wedding jewels

Goldsmith Katja Karhu makes unique wedding jewels and rings by order.

Prise: 470 euro set

Bluebells, with orange safire
Price: 807 euro

Lily of the walley -crown
Price: 587 euro

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